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T-shirt Shopping Bag Economical And Durable
- Aug 26, 2017 -

T-shirt Shopping Bag Economical and durable

The white bag is a kind of plastic bag which is made of chemical material. It can contain the bag in the object, has the very low melting temperature, can hold the object in various shapes arbitrarily; Because of the light weight, not afraid of throwing, economic and durable, to people's lives brought a lot of convenience, but also greatly promoted the development of the industry for our national economy has also made a certain contribution.

        The use of small white bags of the use of human life has brought great convenience, but more and more people do not know how effective use of environmental protection, and in the use of the process, more and more worried that it will not produce toxins And pollution, and according to many experts, as long as the convenience of the production process of the use of national standards of the production of materials, and according to the provisions of the use of their occasions, such as not to contain cooked food, meat or hot food, Do not produce toxic and affect the health of the human body; As for the use of small white bags of treatment, in order to environmental protection requirements do not throw anywhere First, first with the ears to listen to. Hand shake the plastic bag, it will issue a crisp sound that small white bag is not toxic; and very small and relatively boring sound is toxic plastic bags.

Second, then there is eye observation method. No toxic plastic bags are painted in a white, slightly transparent or transparent, texture is more uniform; and toxic plastic bags are colored or white, but the transparency is very poor, relatively turbid, plastic bag surface stretching Force is not uniform, there are small particles.

Third, the last is the submerged test method. First put the plastic bag into the water inside, and then hand the plastic bag to the bottom of the water, wait for a while, surfaced plastic bags are no toxic plastic bags, and sink in the bottom of the plastic bag is toxic plastic bag. PE refers to the production of PE bags of raw materials referred to as polyethylene. In the industry, also contains a small amount of α-olefin and ethylene copolymer. Polyethylene is not toxic, odorless, feels like wax, but also contains a relatively good low temperature performance (which the lowest temperature can reach -70 ~ -100 ℃), the chemical stability is also better, To withstand a lot of acid and alkali erosion (but not containing the nature of the oxidation of acid), polyethylene at room temperature is not soluble in the general solvent, the nature of its water absorption is small, better electrical insulation performance; but polyethylene for the environment Stress (mechanical and chemical) is very sensitive, heat aging is relatively poor. Polyethylene product performance due to variety and not the same, the most important is depends on the density and molecular structure. Which uses a different production method can be different density (0.91 ~ 0.96g / cm3) of the product. Polyethylene can also be used for general thermoplastics molding methods (see plastic processing) processing.