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PE Gloves Cleaning Method
- Jul 03, 2017 -

PE Gloves Cleaning method

The company's main products medical PE gloves, medical check gloves, disposable medical rubber inspection gloves (latex) is made of natural rubber material, is the medical examination, laboratory, nursing patients often prepared. The following is a combination of users concluded that the cleaning method:

First, the choice of cleaning agent. Recommended popular is the laundry liquid, wash the kind of sweater, that is neutral, will not corrode latex. If not, with ordinary hand sanitizer or formal shampoo, is also neutral.

Then, then a pot of water, it is best to mix a little hot water, so that the water is a little warm. Put these cleaners, cleaners with a lid to measure, a cover on the line, and then stir.

Put the gloves in the pot, soak, and then start cleaning. With three fingers, forming a face, a little hard to wipe the palm of the dust on the palm. Note that at the moment to be patient, for some stubborn stains, should not rub hard Slowly, with the above method repeatedly wipe, 3 to 5 after the dirt can be removed.

And then wipe the other parts, back and so on. At this time can be a little hard. After washing, for a pot of water, the gloves into, repeatedly soaked, know the cleaning agent was soaked clean. At this point, hand down from the light pinch gloves, remove excess water. Put the gloves in a dry place to dry away. Do not dry the sun or dry with a hair dryer, this will make the latex deformation. Dry gloves when the best in a clean environment, to avoid gloves falling ash. Here, the cleaning of the gloves is over. This method can make the cleaning of the gloves can be restored to the original.

What is the principle of the use of medical check gloves, we use the medical check gloves when the use of the principle of what is the following to give you about the use of medical check gloves on the use of what is the principle.

(A) the basic principles of the use of gloves should follow the principles of standard prevention and contact isolation; regardless of whether the use of gloves should follow the hand hygiene indications. (B) the principle of selection of adverse reactions may occur. 1, should be worn by synthetic rubber made of gloves, should not wear natural rubber milk made of gloves. 2, should choose no powder gloves, should not use powder gloves. (C) the use of disposable gloves and reusable gloves. 1, direct contact with patients, should use a one-time use of medical gloves. 2, clean the environment or medical equipment, should use a one-time use of medical gloves or reusable gloves. 3, disposable medical gloves should be used once.

Some knowledge about using medical check gloves. When we use the medical check gloves, to know what knowledge, let us give you some advice on the use of medical check gloves.

1. Medical inspection gloves manufacturers recommend that you use the gloves to have adequate protection;

2. Medical inspection glove manufacturers analysis Before we use, such as medical check gloves, to check whether the gloves or holes, damaged, abrasive place, especially the fingers;

3. Medical inspection gloves manufacturers recommend that you do not use the gloves have been arbitrarily lost;

4. Medical inspection gloves manufacturers recommend that you remove the gloves should be more correct way to avoid the gloves on the contamination of harmful substances and our skin and clothing direct contact with the nature, to avoid secondary pollution.