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Major Hazard Garbage Bags
- Dec 22, 2016 -

People daily shopping with plastic bags are mostly made of oil, due to the use of large Numbers, cause the waste of resources, environmental pollution is very surprising. Buried plastic bags to be about 200 years before decay, and serious pollution of soil; If adopt the mode of incineration, will produce harmful smoke and toxic gases, long-term environmental pollution.

China shopping USES 1 billion plastic bags a day, the amount of other kinds of plastic bags in more than 2 billion a day. Beijing abandoned 2.3 billion plastic bags per year, produce 140000 tons of waste plastic packaging waste, accounted for 3% of the whole living garbage. Shanghai produces 190000 tons of waste plastic packaging waste each year, accounting for 7% of the total living garbage. Tianjin waste plastic packaging waste is more than 100000 tons every year. Mall mainly are non-biodegradable plastic bags, if used as garbage bags, will cause serious damage to the environment.