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Garbage Bags, Just As Its Name Implies Is To Create Garbage Bags
- Dec 22, 2016 -

Garbage bags, just as its name implies is to create garbage bags, a small bag, also brings a lot of convenience to families, but also provides an important guarantee for environmental protection, and even beneficial to garbage classification.

But is mainly made of plastic trash bags, and plastic is made from oil, and the garbage bags to buried about 200 years to decay, and serious pollution of soil; If adopt the mode of incineration, will produce harmful smoke and toxic gases, long-term environmental pollution.

So many countries and regions have banned or restricted use of plastic bags. San Francisco, the city council by banning the supermarket, drugstore retailers such as the use of plastic bags. In Los Angeles and other cities, the government began recycling plastic bags. Parts of Canada, Australia, Brazil and other countries have also been introduced to disable the paid use of plastic shopping bags or rules.