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Garbage Bag Magical Common Sense
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Garbage Bag Magical common sense

You do not know the magical effect of plastic bags

1. clean hard wash white vest ▽

Summer, white vest wear a long time to wash unclean. You can wash the white vest first wash with a wash of water, and then use the fan or washing powder quietly rub a rub. After cleaning, and then hit the fan or washing powder quietly rubbing about, no longer rinse, into the plastic bag, and tie a good mouth, in the sun drying 1 hour. And then remove the scrub clean, you can make it white as ever.

2. Avoid wrinkles

Stacked clothes, the plastic bag stacked in the clothes, clothes and clothes are also separated from the plastic bag. So when some kneading time, the plastic will buffer part of the pressure, the other can also slow down the conflict between the clothing, usually not simply wrinkled.

3. To help shoes mildew

First with a damp cloth to wipe the shoes, dry, marked with shoe polish, wait a moment, with a brush brush, into the airtight plastic bag, the bag of gas discharge, with the rope will be tightened pocket. So that the preservation of shoes, shoes can avoid dry deformation and moldy transformation.

4. Avoid freezing the windows

Winter use of the furnace heating of the residents, the morning windows of the glass often because of water vapor and ice, ice melting, the windowsill on the water more than. If the window has a gauze, white plastic film can be nailed to the gauze on the wooden frame, you can avoid the window glass icing, and also can play a cold effect.

5. Control heel chapped

Can be washed with warm water feet, with a clean and soft plastic food bag wrapped in the heel, and then put on socks, so chapped parts will always be in a warm and humid condition, 3 days to 4 days to heal the affected area The

6. store chestnut

Chestnut is packed in plastic bags and placed in a well ventilated, well-kept basement. Temperature above 10 ℃, the plastic bag to open; the temperature below 10 ℃, the plastic bag tightly retained. Pre-every 7 days to 10 days flip once, 1 month, the number of flip can be appropriately reduced.

7. keep radish does not change

Before and after the winter solstice, the radish, the radish drying to the leather table dry in the future, into the plastic bag, tie the bag with a rope, so store for two months, radish does not change, not bran heart.

8. Storage cabbage

Winter can be stored in non-toxic plastic bags. Indoor temperature is too low, the plastic bag can be used to cover the whole cabbage and tie the bag; if the temperature above 0 ℃, the plastic bag can be used to cover the upper cabbage, no Zhakou, root poke on the ground that can.