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Garbage Bag Dumplings Of The Wild Magical
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Garbage Bag Dumplings of the wild magical

1 PSK package waterproof cover

Open down the psk package, dig a few holes, the backpack can wear out. This is now better than the market alone selling waterproof cover role. If you want to be more sealed, you can open the first set of a garbage bag. Not only cheap, not afraid of damage, but also very low!

2 temporary raincoat

With three large trash bags dig three holes, the head and two arms exposed to be able to. We can not remember the top spot of the first drop of blood, Rambo fled to the mountains of a abandoned forest, search around, to find a large piece of plastic cloth, with a dagger to do a simple raincoat rain.

3 emergency blanket

Manufacturing methods with raincoats, if used for a long time, can be in the armpit, vest out of a few exhaust, the moisture discharged. Be sure to keep your body boring. If you do not keep warm, there are two ways: plus a layer and fill the newspaper.

4 Build shelter shelter

Able to establish a shelter in the time to add a layer of plastic film inside to strengthen the waterproof insulation function.

5 moisture barrier

Similar to the emergency blanket, with a large piece of plastic cloth plus other items can be made.

6 container

Able to a certain degree of water, so can be used to wrap the items afraid of water. Can also be used to carry food and water.

Garbage bags are used far more than that, so be sure to prepare a roll (usually 10-12). Do not throw with bad, can do moisture pad and so on.

From the garbage bags stretched out, we use a one-time plastic meal and other large plastic cloth, can be used to manufacture the above mentioned items, but there is a plastic cloth, small plastic bags can not be replaced, that is, manufacturing daylight The distiller, in the arid desert area, uses the following method to collect water well: dig a roughly 90 cm wide, 45 cm deep pit on a relatively humid ground, and a sump in the bottom of the pit. Pull into a curved plastic film. Light can increase the temperature of the soil and air in the pit, the transpiration of water vapor, water vapor and plastic film touch case condensation into water droplets, down to the vessel.