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Garbage Bag Collect Clean Up
- Aug 26, 2017 -

Garbage Bag Collect clean up

Garbage bag manufacturers specializing in the production of garbage bags is a green, durable, reusable. The invention of garbage bags facilitates the collection of garbage collection.

  What do you do in the absence of a trash can? Reporters interviewed several people in Shenzhen. Ching Ming Festival has just visited Singapore tourism Wu said that Singapore is not allowed to eat and drink in public places, so there is no garbage outside. "We can only go to the hotel, when we want to eat.New Singapore no trash, even in the subway station, car and bus did not have a trash and the local is not the same, the trash can see or use, "I did not get used to it, hot weather sweating, thirsty water, paper towels and drink bottles without any place to throw," she said, "she said when she traveled to Taiwan and could not find rubbish bins on the street or in the park. The Miss Xu observed that even so, the streets of Taiwan are very clean, they are embarrassed to throw garbage, "We also learn from the locals, take a bag to clean up the garbage.

  Many friends also know that in South Korea, Japan, the streets rarely see the trash. Especially in Japan, the streets of the city can hardly find the trash can. This is not to say that the Japanese do not do rubbish (in fact, the Japanese attention to the packaging and complexity can be used in Bovinlai good vomiting tank, because this virtually produced a large number of discarded products. Taiwan and Japan similar, almost no In the event of a large-scale event, a large number of litter bins will be collected in the crowd. Public visitors carry a small plastic bag, filled with trash cans to get classified where to throw away. The formation of a habit of not litter, street cleanliness is inevitable.

  Many people in the interview expressed the understanding of the Shenzhen Park initiative, but there are concerns. "In Singapore, the reduction in litter bins is carried out in conjunction with fines and high fines. In Shenzhen, if you only reduce the trash can not get used to tourists can not find the trash can not be thrown into any "There is not a big risk in matching management." Instead of reducing the trash can, it is better to beautify and refine the existing box, "said Wu." In this regard, the park management center officials said the park's operations were based on this phenomenon The scarcity of litter in the park is rare and is at another level to appeal to the public to join the green work. In order to facilitate the public to visit, the park will put the trash in the park children's activities, cultural activities and other important places. In addition, the park will be removed from the trash to recover, the better the state of trash can be used in other parks, replacing the old and old trash cans.

Convenient bag manufacturers to come to explain the harm to the white pollution problem:

 In 2008 I led the students from the school gate to one kilometer along the freeway, and more than 40 students collected a bunch of white rubbish, in just one hour, the most convenient bag, followed by the packaging of small food bags, and snacks Box, cigarette box, fertilizer, cement woven bag. I burned them all burned, and I burned, how do we become so, the road side, the fields have, the mountains have, the garden has, the river has, are white garbage, live more white garbage. Once the white garbage in the mud for hundreds of years caused by crop roots can not grow, inhibit crop growth and development, but also release toxic substances, the plant after absorption and then poisoning, especially sanitary napkins, children's urine is not wet, Discarded after the rain is fully absorbed the land, dirty and heavy, can not be packaged.