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Flat Garbage Bag The Main Ingredient Is
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Flat Garbage Bag The main ingredient is

White flat garbage bags of plastic is the main component of synthetic resin, then what are the characteristics of it? Our daily life in the base of plastic is a lot of opportunities, so that its characteristics are obvious. Here we have a brief look, plastic and other materials compared to the following aspects of the performance characteristics:

First, light weight

Second, excellent chemical stability

Third, excellent electrical insulation performance

Fourth, the bad bad conductor, with a muffler, shock absorption

Fifth, the mechanical strength distribution and high specific strength First of all, hand touch color detection: non-toxic milky white or colorless transparent white flat garbage bags, hand touch lubrication, the surface like wax-like; toxic color Cloudy or yellow, red, black flat garbage bags, feel sticky. Jitter detection method: to seize the plastic bag forced to shake the color flat mouth garbage bags, sound crisp non-toxic; sound stuffy toxic. Talk about garbage bag size. General garbage bags will be marked with a size of X * Y, usually that the width and height of garbage bags. Because the garbage bag before the stretch is flat, and distraction can become round, so that into the circular trash. So it can be understood that the diameter multiplied by the height, the result of the multiplication of the two is the size of the bag. In recent years, with the continuous high-speed development of the plastics industry, plastic packaging has been widely used. However, due to the increasing number of plastic packaging waste, "white pollution" problem has been a serious impact on the ecological environment. The research on the recycling technology of plastic packaging is becoming more and more urgent. "White pollution" serious rough landfill hazards, "white pollution" problem has been a serious impact on the ecological environment. Therefore, in the use and plastic packaging materials for ecological design, the use of better cost-effective materials, green garbage bags, with more characteristics of the times with the technology and methods for the development of biodegradable plastic white garbage bags, increase the plastic Recycling of waste has become a top priority. Because the thick garbage bags in the use of time is not easy to break, so that you can use the mass production of white garbage bags, thus protecting our environment, garbage bag manufacturers to remind you can use color garbage bags, garbage bags in the use of different colors The garbage bags store different rubbish.