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Flat Garbage Bag Recycled Life Waste Plastic
- Oct 19, 2017 -

Flat Garbage Bag Recycled life waste plastic

Food bags are made of new materials, the main raw material is polyethylene (PE). Polyethylene, tasteless, non-toxic, more transparent, can be filled with room temperature food.

Garbage bags, is the use of recycled waste plastics, industrial waste plastics, medical plastic waste and other particles made into the blown film machine made.

The following is a brief introduction to the common ingredients of garbage bags: polyethylene, also known as PE, ethylene is made by polymerization of a thermoplastic resin, a high density and low density of the points. The general supermarket to the plastic bags are high-density PE bags, the price is relatively expensive; vegetable market to the kind of soft bags are low-density PE bags, cheap.

Garbage bags in the composition is very complex, in addition to heavy metals, but also contains a variety of harmful chemicals on the human body and other harmful substances. This kind of plastic bag, once directly used for food packaging, especially the heating of food, garbage bags of harmful substances will be released, attached to the food.

Garbage bag specifications so many different, how to choose the right size to match the trash at home? If the size of the garbage bag is 45 * 50cm, corresponding to the size of the garbage is 12 liters below the barrel diameter of 30 cm below; if 50 * 60cm, corresponding to the size of the trunk is 30 liters below the barrel diameter of 30 cm to 40 cm; * 80cm, the corresponding trash can is 50 liters or less, the size of the shell box is 40 * 37 * 47 and so on.

You can see the size of the garbage bag corresponding to the size of the trash is different, pick the right size of the garbage bag is a necessity of the family. In general, the width of the choice of garbage bags multiplied by 2 need to be greater than or equal to the barrel of the circumference, the height of the garbage bag needs to be greater than the height of the barrel at least 30 cm, because the use of three-dimensional barrel at the bottom of the need to take part of the bag, Part of the bag to stay outside.

Plastic bags compared with other packaging materials with good physical properties, chemical stability, safety and health, has been forming processing, the appearance of good quality and low prices and so on.

 Many of these features are irreplaceable with other materials, which is why plastic bags and plastic products can be accepted by the market and the main application and rapid development of the main reasons! Garbage bags, we have contact, but also know that is used to doing. Although it is a small bag to give our lives to provide a convenient, but also for the protection of environmental protection provides a guarantee, so that garbage can be classified.

We see in life, whether it is supermarket trash or trash on the streets are covered with black plastic bags, used to carry a variety of living waste. But why use a black plastic bag as a garbage bag? The reasons are as follows:

First, in the plastic bag molding process by adding carbon black, with UV shielding anti-aging function.

Second, you can increase the strength of plastic bags, which can guarantee the number of garbage bags in the outdoor environment using the mechanical properties

Third, opaque black can block the impact of the visual chaos, filthy inside the garbage, so beautify the environment!