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Flat Bag Flexible Packaging Bags
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Flat Bag Flexible packaging bags

Flat bag, also known as the four bags, are innovative flexible packaging bags.

Flat bag or square bag has the following characteristics:

1) There are five printed sections, positive, back, left and right sides and bottom. The bottom of the vertical bag, stand-alone bag or standing bag is completely different, the difference is that the bottom of the flat bag is very flat and without any heat sealing edge, the text or pattern displayed flat; so that product manufacturers or design The division has plenty of space to play and describe the product.

2) composite made of flexible packaging materials, through the permeable oxygen permeability of different materials, the combination of play a different barrier material, and plastic packaging than the average paper bag is more able to protect the product.

3) flat bag / square bag, standing on the stock, the four square formation, standing stable, you can omit the additional packaging materials.

4) In order to meet the customer's use of friendliness, flat bag / square bag can be added to re-seal zipper, slider zipper and so on.

Plastic bag printing the basic skills, in order to print on the plastic bag or press the map, first of all need to print the plastic bag semi-finished products for surface electronic treatment, only the surface of the electronic processing of plastic bags printed on the ink will not fade, And then to the engraving or copper engraved with the text (called prepress mold), affixed to or placed in the printing press release position, the ink transferred through the mold in the plastic bag, so that the completion of the plastic bag printing. But should pay attention to the plastic bag on the text clear, such as offset printing to pay attention to the gap between the mold and plastic bags, too much ink is too thick, too much, the gap is too small is too little ink, too shallow, can not To achieve the desired fruit.

Since the beginning, committed to the aluminum foil (aluminum) bags, food packaging bags, fine chemical packaging bags, roll film, all kinds of composite bags, vacuum nylon bags, stickers self-adhesive bags, zipper bags, mouth bags, Side sealing bags and other packaging materials professional design and production. The company has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification and CE certification. We have a team of experienced and experienced R & D experts in the domestic packaging industry. Products sell well throughout the country and Europe, the United States, Asia more than 50 countries and regions, with excellent quality and professional first-class service, won the unanimous praise and support.

We not only put the customer's ideas, suggestions, requirements into the product, to produce customer satisfaction with the packaging bags, and more innovative, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, improve product image and value package recommendations, Of the market-style packaging consultants, selection, production and logistics services. Staff through the all-round regular training to ensure that standardized operation, especially for product quality control rigorous.