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Draw-string Garbage Bag Trash Cans
- May 31, 2017 -

On the garbage bags of environmental protection We go to the store or farmers market shopping, almost every item will be accompanied by a plastic bag, home, these plastic bags are often immediately thrown into the trash. As rubbish, plastic bags left our home, but they did not disappear in this world. Do not look at plastic bags, it can be a lot of harm ah! In most parts of China, are everywhere visible plastic bags, encountered windy weather, they will fly in the air, landing in the branches, rivers, affecting health and city. Plastic bags increase the amount of waste, occupy arable land, contaminated soil and groundwater. More serious is the plastic in the natural century can not be degraded; if the incineration, will produce toxic gases. Only a moment convenient, but the garbage abandoned to future generations, this is appropriate? Tianjin, for example, if each person every day to abandon a plastic bag, each plastic bag 0.4 grams weight, every day to throw away 2 tons of plastic bags, only the value of 20,000 yuan on raw materials. We generally use plastic bags only in recent years, the past is also used to re-use the basket and shop bags to buy food. We should restore the habit of the past, the Germans are proud to use the bag shopping, we have to follow this "green fashion" it. For human beings, the significance of environmental protection is self-evident. Environmental protection is the part of the price that is contrary to the laws of nature, but the price is positive and active; if we wait for the natural to come to humans, the consequences will be unthinkable; the meaning of environmental protection is to respect nature and follow natural laws. When human interests conflict with nature, people must follow nature. The meaning of environmental protection is only simple words: survival. However, relative to the individual, this aspect is still slightly larger. So, more and more people advocate to take care of the environment from the side to start the initiative. In fact, if the idea of protecting the environment is from the earth, people will feel very macroscopically, from a certain point of view, is to start from the side to be simple. Why it came out like this? Because if it is from a large extent, this is a very great project, and this project is not a person can be completed, in a project, not only need workers also need supervisors, just like the best is to do supervisors, So shouting slogans is much easier than the actual operation. From the side to start it, it is everyone will be placed in the workers' point of view, if not with the good, then the whole project will delay the completion. And when the people on a position he must have done, this person to create a great contribution. So, environmental protection is the need for everyone to participate in, then from the side to happen happens to be a good solution. How to start from the side, in fact, we can from a very small thing can be reflected out of whether the use of plastic bags is one of the reasons, love the environment, not only the world thing, but also everyone's things.

Reuse plastic bags: choose a few strong plastic bags, and put these plastic bags in your bag, carry, so that when you can use the plastic bag and refused to use the store to provide plastic bags. Repeated plastic bags are easy to carry (can be placed in small bags, and even pocket!), And as long as more with a few, you can buy a lot of things can also be sub-installed, it will not bring inconvenience to life. The dirty plastic bag will be used to install garbage (or clean and then use), while the clean plastic bag can be reused several times.

Reject plastic bags: In general, cashiers are often mechanically packed and collected. They have no time to ask if the customer needs a plastic bag. If you do not need, do not have to accept plastic bags, such as when the purchase of yogurt, beverages, drugs and other small items when. Who says the bag can not make a shopping bag?

Use reusable green bags: usually carry your own bags.

Count the number of plastic bags you have used: look at it! Think about how much plastic bags you spend today or this week?

Tell these methods to your friends and family around, so that more people make a little contribution to environmental protection.

If you go to buy eggs like fragile things, you can choose Liubian small basket, both environmentally friendly and stylish.

Try to use environmentally friendly bags to shop.

There are red and yellow and green garbage bags, the role of the bag on the market is mainly used for classification of garbage, classified garbage is very important, is conducive to the use of recyclable garbage, household waste is generally divided into garbage and recyclable garbage Well, if it is dangerous glass electromagnetic we can use red garbage bag, let us together for this earth to make a contribution.