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Draw-string Garbage Bag Focus On Environmental Protection
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Draw-string Garbage Bag Focus on environmental protection

A garbage bag of life bad habits determine the quality of a person

Although Spain is an extremely environmentally friendly country, although the national awareness of environmental protection from the dolls began to spread, but our travelers in the daily and all kinds of garbage in the deal, many people still keep their way to the garbage " One pot "" traditional ". We choose to come to Spain to work life, on the one hand in addition to want to improve the standard of living, on the other hand is not also hope to live in a non-polluting environment? We hope that every day we can see the blue sky, breathe fresh air and enjoy the warm sunshine, but never really like the Spaniards really for the garbage "destination" to pay action.

The first is to reduce the area. Because some of our living garbage is not easy to degrade, so that the land is seriously eroded. Garbage sorting, remove the recyclable, easy to degrade the material, reduce the amount of garbage up to 50%. The second is to reduce the environmental pollution, such as waste batteries containing metal mercury, cadmium and other toxic substances, will cause serious harm to humans; waste plastics in the soil will lead to crop production; abandoned waste plastics by animal eating Death of an animal has occurred. So recycling can reduce the harm. Again is turning waste into treasure, Spain's annual use of plastic fast food box reached nearly 300 million, waste plastics accounted for 3-7% of domestic waste. 1 ton of waste plastics can be refurbished 600 kg of unleaded petrol and diesel. Recycling 1500 tons of waste paper, from cutting for the production of 1,200 tons of paper trees. A ton of cans can be melted after forming a ton of good aluminum, can be less mining 20 tons of aluminum.

I had to go to a Spanish friend at home, and his family 5-year-old child during the game got ready to go to the kitchen to throw waste paper, when the child is very active to say, so I got up and went to the kitchen to see what happens. He pointed to the kitchen three different colors of the trash cans for the author, the blue is throwing paper waste, yellow is throwing plastic products, and the rest is to throw peel vegetables. I was the 5-year-old child was so high environmental awareness shocked to the. In her later chat with her mother, he learned that the school in Spain had instilled in the kindergarten that the students had instilled knowledge of the classification of waste, and that his school had specially opened a one-week refuse classification course, Some simple garbage varieties and field exercises, etc. to teach children how to throw garbage, at the same time, parents are also possible after school with the school to help children to establish a good sense of environmental protection.