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Choose The Right Plastic Products
- Dec 22, 2016 -

Expert action to choose the right plastic products

The affected time ago "bisphenol A" events, materials have A shelf life of bottle, glass bottle sales. On April 17, the reporter visited the city's major shopping malls to liaocheng, this trend has spread to the whole product market. At present, there is a "crisis of confidence" products, lead to sales supermarkets, shopping malls is low. Then, the reporter understands interviews with experts, if used properly, will not cause adverse health effects of the.

The crisis of confidence

In retrospect, March 1, the eu is prohibited to produce plastic baby bottles containing bisphenol A, and banned from June sales, the news, immediately brought it to market of plastic bottles, this paper also respectively on May 3, 2, 7 B2 version titled "plastic baby bottles containing bisphenol A attention", "baby bottles containing bisphenol A city has A shelf life" caused A strong focus on public reports. After A month, however, when the reporter once again focused on bisphenol A, they noticed that people put all the "limbo".

Plastic is closely related to people's life, because the price is relatively cheap material cup and thick texture, loved by consumers. "Bisphenol A" event, however, many people call the hotline advisory. Ms wong told of her troubles to the reporter: "glass supply vulnerable, but don't worry, plastic fear harmful." In the interview, the reporter found that although people "bisphenol A" deep understanding of the vast majority, but in the choice of the plastic products will seriously when asked about it. Hualian supermarket, a clerk also says to the reporter, although there is no related departments, but the recent plastic products in the market is still faced with an unprecedented "trust crisis".

Experts recommend

Introduce according to professional personage, if used properly, the plastic will not cause influence on the human body, use common sense to know more about plastic products, is conducive to people's health. According to the report, to sell on the market of plastic cup, cup bottom is commonly a triangle, triangle in the figure we can determine the composition of the glass what roughly. With People's Daily lives more closely is "7" material, it is has been widely used, mainly for the production of water bottle, cup, bottle material. As long as in the production of PC, bisphenol A perfectly into the structure of the plastic products means no process of bisphenol A, not to mention the release. But, if there is A small amount of bisphenol A (bpa) did not translate into the PC plastic structure, it can be released into the food or drink. Therefore, careful, use this time to pay special attention to the following: when using do not heat; There is no a dishwasher, washing machine baking bowl kettle; Let the kettle in direct sunlight; Use baking soda water wash before first use, natural drying at room temperature, and so on.

5 yards for plastic temperature reached 130 degrees, can install hot water, microwave heating and microwave plastic used to make special. Because of high construction costs, generally does not involve the use of special, therefore, when you need to remove the lid in microwave ovens. With people's life and signed "4" LD, usually used to make cling film, plastic film, due to its heat resistance is not strong, there will be a hot phenomenon, more than 110 ℃, therefore, must be extracted first before into microwave oven. In addition, for some of the common plastic products, professional advice is as follows: the deeper the color more unsafe straw; Drink hot drinks is unfavorable use plastic straw; To minimize the use of disposable chopsticks; Don't use dark plastic bowl; Imitation porcelain tableware can't fill the acid.